300 (Gang)


AKA 300 O Block Munna Gang, the term 300 refers to the criminal gang known as the Black Disciples according to Chicago police. Though the term was unknown to those outside of the Black Disciples gang, it has recently been popularized due to the rise of many Chicago artists whom are or used to be gang bangers. The artist most closely associated with the term is a young man known as Chief Keef, whom is also a member of the Black Disciples. The term ‘3hunna’ is also used for 300. Chief Keef has used those terms in numerous songs, one of his most famous songs is titled “John Madden” in which he says “300 savage with Lamron, Its closed casket - O-Block we blitz n*ggas, Like , John Madden ”.

BDs on Lamron were the first to adopt the name 300, later on, numerous other BD clicks started becoming part of 300. The following clicks/sets are 300: Lamron, WIC City, TYMB, Blackgates, 46 Terror.

Notable 300 Gang Members

Lil Durk
Chief Keef
SD (Rapper)
Odee Perry
Fredo Santana
Lil Reese
Blood Money

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