46 Terror (Chicago Gang)

46 Terror (46 Woodlawn/ 46 THF) is a gang located in Chicago, Illinois. Their members consist of Black Disciples and Mickey Cobras. 46 also goes by other names such as Karl Town, Black World & Gudda World. They are closely aligned with 44th Princeton, a Mickey Cobra set and members of the THF family.

46 Territory

46 has members across numerous streets in Chicago which include 45/46/47th, Drexel,Ellis, Greenwood & Woodlawn.

46 Enemies

  • TYMB
  • 051 Young Money
  • GeoDrive
  • 757
  • STL
  • SuWuTTB
  • MOB´╗┐

46 Crimes

46 was put in the spotlight due to the murder of Hadiya Pendleton. According to Authorities, Hadiya Pendleton was an innocent girl that was murdered by members of Suwu, a rival of 46, while trying to exact revenge for a member of their gang whom was shot by members of 46.

46 Members

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