600-Black Disciples Gang Set

600 is a set of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago, Illinois. This set is on 0600 block in Chicago, hence the name 600. They also go by the name Steve Drive in honor of fallen Black Disciples member Lil Steve, and D-Block in honor of fallen member D-Thang. The 600 gang gained popularity after members of the gang started becoming famous rappers. 600's turf is also referred to as Brick City, that name came to be when members of 600 used to be GDs.

600 is currently at war with numerous Gangster Disciples sets. Numerous songs by members of both STL and Bricksquad took aim at 600’s gang and their members, including “Who the F*ck is Dude” by Lil Jay and FBG Duck. 600 gang members have also dissed their enemies in their songs such as LA Capone’s “Play for Keeps” in which he mocks a fallen STL member by saying “Shondale how that hot sh*t feel?”. Below is a chart of the most Notable and dangerous 300 and 600 Black Disciple gang members.

600 Black Disciples Rappers

RondoNumbaNine Cdai
Young FamousEdai
Double0 600
!!Dead 600 Black Disciples Gang Members
Lil Steve| Baldy Lil Boo| D'Thang
LA Capone
!!Notable 600 Members
D Rose|Lil D||


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