600Rampant (600#Rt)whose real name is Unknown is a rap artist from the South Side of Chicago Illinois. Like numerous other rap artists from Chicago, 600Rampant is part of the drill movement. His songs tend to portray his daily life in the violent streets of Chicago. He is a Black Disciples gang member from the 600 set of the gang. In videos of his songs, he can be seen along with his fellow gang members throwing gang signs praising their gang, as well as gang signs disrespecting their enemies. Most of the disrespecting signs tend to be aim at their rivals, the Gangster Disciples which includes artists from Fly Boy Gang(FBG). Unlike many rap beefs that tend to stay on wax, many of the gang beefs from Chicago tend to end in the streets, and there have been numerous rappers whom have been killed, in what authorities believe was the result of gang violence, though the killers are rarely caught. and Cdai.

On September 26, 2013, 600RampantRondoNumbaNine friend and fellow 600 member “L’A Capone”, was gunned down while leaving a studio after a recording session, a few hours after the shots were fired, he was pronounced dead. 600Rampant would then go on to release a video in honor of his fallen friend called “Trap Spot”. Like , L’A Capone had just recently started gaining attention, for songs such as “Round Here” and “Play for Keeps” which featured RondoNumbaNine.


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