Anton "Pooh Bear" Sanders

Anton "Pooh Bear" Sanders was a member of the Insane Cutthroat Gangsters gang in Chicago, Illinois. He was murdered on January 20, 2012. Following his shooting death, the Insane Cutthroat Gangsters gang decided to adopt the name "PBG (Pooh Bear Gang)" in his honor.

Who Killed Anton "Pooh Bear" Sanders

Though Pooh Bear's killer was never apprehended, police initially believed it was Dante Simmons, a member of Loc City Gangster Disciples. Dante Simmons was later found dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound with a handgun that was used in Pooh Bear's death and Troy Cameron in a River North Walgreens. Police claim Simmons was responsible for Cameron's death but were unsure about his involvement in Pooh Bear's death.

Speculation started flying that Pooh Bear's killer was high ranking Loc City member Glenford "Munchie" Johnson. Munchie himself was ironically murdered in the same street Pooh Bear was killed.

Pooh Bear in Hip Hop

Numerous PBG members are rapper with Young Pappy being the most famous. PBG rappers can often be heard saying RIP to Pooh Bear in their songs.

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