Ballout - Rapper
Ballout - GBE member
Ballout is a rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently a member of the rap label glo gang, which is own by fellow Chicago Rapper ((Chief Keef|Chief Keef). Ballout has released numerous mixtapes such as welcome to ballout world, “Ballin’ No NBA” and “Been Ballin”. Ballout has also produced numerous videos for songs from his mixtapes which can be viewed on youtube. Like many of his Glo affiliates, Ballout has been in numerous controversies with other artists. Like most of his glo gang brethren, Ballout is a member of the Black Disciples gang, and often can be heard referencing his gang in songs by names like 300, Lamron, and 3hunna among others.

Ballout Vs. Soulja Boy

Chief Keef’s label GBE, and Soulja Boy’s label SOD used to be affiliates, but that all changed after Ballout stole a chain from Soulja Boy and later tweeted a pic of him wearing the chain. The stolen chain was later revealed to be a fake one, and Soulja Boy claim that the chain was stolen from his home while he was away. The robbery of Soulja Boy’s chain eventually lead to the end of GBE and SOD’s relationship, and they have been feuding ever since, with many diss songs coming from both camps. As retaliation for his stolen chain, Soulja Boy had a crip member from LA rob GBE member Tadoe of his watch. The watch, just like Soulja Boy’s chain was revealed to be a fake one.

Ballout (GBE) Vs. King Louie (MUBU)

King Louie is rumored to be affiliated with the criminal gang known as the Gangster Disciples, and his music crew is called Man Up Band Up (MUBU). During the ‘Windy City Drift Tour’ a scuffle took place between the MUBU crew and GBE crew which includes artists such as Chief Keef, Lil Reese, Ballout, and Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk. During the scuffle one of the fans managed to snatch a chain from Ballout which he Ironically robbed Soulja Boy of. After the scuffle, a man from Davenport name Cameron Oliver posted on facebook that he was in possession of Soulja’s chain “No Play Play We Here… Contact Soulja Boy Tell em We got his sh*t….” King Louie later posted on Instagram what many are considering a warning to Ballout “#ITsOnlySoLongFakeThugsCanPretend,” he also posted “Naw dis was chain ballbout took from soulja boy and a fan took it from @balloutbayyy b*tch he betta stay out the city”

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