Bang Da Hitta

Bang Da Hitta (born Keith Hayer) is a rapper and a member of PBG, a street gang in Chicago, Illinois. Some of Bang Da Hitta's most popular songs include "Die Lz," "In Da Field," and "PBG Music" among others.

Bang Da Hitta Car Bombed

In 2014 Bang Da Hitta's car was hit with a firebomb in what many believe was a warning from rival gangs aiming to kill Bang Da Hitta. A witness claimed that "an individual walked up to the car, threw "something" inside, and then got into a white car, which fled north-bound." Bang Da Hitta was not injured in the incident and later taunted his rivals in a facebook post saying "Owow Yall Blow Up Carz.. But B*tch We Blow Up Bodyz.. I Aint F* Up Bout It Tho."
Bang Da Hitta Car Bombed

Bang Da Hitta x Mosey - PBG Music (Video)

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