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Billionaire Black-Rapper

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Billionaire Black Rapper
Billionaire Black
Edit Plugin:imgBillionaire Black is a rapper from Chicago. He’s part of the drill movement, a sub-genre of hip-hop that originated from Chicago’s South Side. He is a member of the rap group Fly Boy Gang(FBG). He is also a Gangster Disciples gang member from Welch World.

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Billionaire’s songs, apart from being classified as drill music is often classified as gangta rap. Most of his songs contained violent lyrics which tend to praise his gang, while taunting rival gangs and their members.

Billionaire Black is currently an unsigned artist. He has release numerous mixtapes which includes ‘Call of Duty: Dead Opps’ and ‘Billionaire Boys Club’. Some of his most popular songs include ‘No Action’ featuring FBG Duck, ‘Play Around’ featuring Lil Jay, Swagg, P. Rico, and ‘Body Count’ among others.

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Gang Affiliation

Billionaire Black is a member of Saint Lawrence Boys (STL). He's a former Black Disciple (BD). Some people say that now he's a Insane Gangster Disciple (GD), others say that he still a BD but turned IBD. He can be seen "lockin gates" (BD gang sign) in some videos and hanging with Lil Durk and people from Lamron and 300 in old photos. His gang's set often refer to themselves as Welch World in honor of one of their fallen members known as Anthony Welch.

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Billionaire Black is currently beefing with numerous rappers, most due to gang rivalry. One of his most popular beef is with Chief Keef and his gang the Black Disciples. The 600 set of the Black Disciples which includes rappers such as Edai and RondoNumbaNine have verbally attacked Billionaire Black in a number of their songs. Billionaire Black along with FBG Duck released a track called ‘Edai is U Serious’ in which they dissed Edai.

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