Black P Stone Nation

Jeff Fort - Black P Stone
Jeff Fort - Black P Stone
The Black P.(Pyramid) Stone Nation, often abbreviated as (BPSN) uses the slogan “Stones Run It” for decades. This gang has gone through a lot of changes from the day it was started in the 1970s. One thing that stands out in this gang in contrast of other gangs is its strong Islamic Influence. Back in 1986, its leader Jeff Fort plotted to work for Moammar Gadhafi to help him carry out terrorist acts in the United States, though at the time there was a travel ban place on Libya, Jeff Fort traveled there to offer his service. Similar to most other violent gangs in the United States, the Black P. Stones are known to dwell in criminal activities such as drug dealing, robbery, and other violent crimes.

Black P. Stones General Information

Founded: 1958
Founding location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Years active: 1958-present
Ethnicity: mostly African American,
Membership: 30,000-35,000
Colors: Black,Red,Green
Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, domestic terrorism
Allies: People Nation, some Vice Lords, Latin Kings, some Mickey Cobras, Bloods, Los Zetas
Rivals: Folks Nation, Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Crips, some Mickey Cobras, some Vice Lords
Notable members: Jeff Fort, Eugene Hairston

History of the Black P. Stones

The Black P. Stone members refer to each other as “Brothers” or “People” because they live under the “Five Pointed” star. The Black P. Stone used to be known as the Blackstone Rangers, with its leaders being Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston. The Black P. Stone gang of today has 7 factions which all branched out of the Blackstone Rangers. Of the 7 branches the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation is by far the largest. The Black P. Stone Nation used to have another branch called “Titanic Stones” but Jeff Fort Ordered them killed. The Mickey Cobra Stones was yet another branch of Black P. Stones , Jeff Fort ordered the murder of their leader, and that branch eventually splintered from the Black P. Stone and formed a new gang called the ‘Mickey Cobra Gang”. The BPSN originated, and is based, on the South Side of Chicago in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

The 7 Branches of the Black P. Stone Nation

Gangster Stones P.R. Stones,
Jet Black Stones Corner Stones
Rubinites Future Stones
The Almighty BPSN

Gang Symbols of the Black P. Stone

As mentioned earlier this gang has strong Islamic influence, thus it comes as no surprise that they use the ‘Five Pointed Star” and the “Crescent Moon’ as their symbols. Another symbol used by this gang is a pyramid showing 21 bricks or rectangles, which represents the original 21 founding members of the gang. Back when the gang was being run by Jeff Fort he had what’s known as the ‘Main 21’ which consisted of 21 members, if any of the members made grave mistakes, Jeff Fort had them violently murdered and replaced.

The Founding Main 21 Members of the Black P. Stone

Eugene “Bull” Hairston was regarded as the supreme leader, while Jeff Fort was regarded as number 2. The table below shows the other founding members of the gang in no particular order.

George Rose Charles Franklin Charles Edward Bey
Lee "Stone" Jackson Theotis Clark Herman Holmes
William Troop Henry Cogwell Moses Robert Jackson
Melvin Bailey George Martin Paul Martin
Herbert Stevens Andrew D. McChristian Lamar Bell
Lawrence White Fletcher Puch Johnnie Jones
Adam Battiste Edwin Codwell Bernard Green
Sylvester Hutchins Leroy Hairston

Enemies and Allies of the Black P. Stone

Though the BPSN is known as “people” and “Brothers” gang, it doesn’t translate into them being allied with all “Brothers” and “People” gang. For instance, one of the BPSN’s dedicated enemies is Mickey Cobras gang which was part of the BPSN and went under the name of Mickey Cobra Stone. Though the Mickey Cobras gang is a fierce enemy of the Black P. Stone, their biggest enemy is considered to be the Gangster Disciples gang. Though they have many enemies, the BPSN also have allies, and two of their biggest allies are the Vice Lords and the Latin Kings.

Islamic Influence

The Black P Stone nation adopted its Islamic identification after Jeff Fort was release from in the late 1970s. Upon release, Jeff Fort changed his name and the name of the gang to “El Rukn”. The BPSN adopted their Islamic principles from groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters. The gang nowadays don’t strongly identify itself with Muslim as it used to while Jeff Fort was the leader though a good amount of the gang is of the Muslim faith. After the September 11 attack on the United States the gang was classified as a threat to homeland security due to their Islamic affiliations.

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