Boskoe 100

Boskoe 100 (Boskoe1) is a rapper from Inglewood, California, whom became famous following a feud which many believed led to the death of Rosemo 700, a rival gang member. Boskoe 100 was signed to One Hunnid Entertainment, a record label created by Game’s older brother Bigfase 100, a member of the Ceda Block Piru gang in Compton, California.

Boskoe 100 grew up on the East side, a block controlled by a set of the Bloods gang known as “Queen Street Bloods (QSB).” Boskoe1 made an appearance on A&E in the TV show titled “LA Gang Wars: The Peacemaker,” in the episode titled “Blood Brothers.” The show focused on two rival gangs (Queen Street Bloods vs Inglewood Family Bloods) attempting to reach a peace deal.

Boskoe1 Feud with Ice Burgundry and Rosemo 700

Boskoe1 was involved in a major feud with rapper Ice Burgundy, a Bricksquad Monopoly artist and member of the Neighborhood Pirus gang. The beef started with a couple of tweets aimed toward each other on twitter, and then escalated to rap diss songs. Boskoe1 released a diss song titled “Da Ice Melted” in which he dissed numerous rivals such as Ice Burgundy, 2Eleven, and Rosemo 700.

The beef escalated to new heights when Ice Burgundy along with a mutual friend of Boskoe1 planned an ambush on Boskoe1. The ambush went accordingly, 2Eleven, Rosemo700, and Don P, all members of the Neighborhood Piru, pulled up on Boskoe 100 and proceeded to physically assault him. Though Rosemo 700 and Don P approached Boskoe1, only Rosemo 700 is seen attacking him.

The whole ambush was recorded by 2Eleven, which was then uploaded to various video websites such Worldstarhiphop and Youtube. In less than a day, Rosemo 700 was killed while driving in a red BMW in Inglewood. Due to their previous altercation, Boskoe 100 was considered the primary suspect. Boskoe1 was later seen on video being handcuffed and arrested; he was questioned and later cleared of any involvement.

Boskoe1 Beef With Big Paybacc

Boskoe1 was involved in a feud with Big Paybacc which stemmed from Boskoe1 saying the word “Crab,” a derogatory term for Crips. In 2011, Boskoe 100 said “them ni**as treated me like a crab,” a popular saying by blood gang members. Big Paybacc, a rapper and Crip gang member took offense to Boskoe 100’s words. Big Paybacc was signed to Bay Maac Records, a record label company started by Spider Loc, of 97 East Coast Crips.

Boskoe 100 and Big Paybacc were on good terms prior to Boskoe’s insult, but they soon started dissing each other in their songs. Big Paybacc released a song titled “Boskoes That Bitch I Don’t Like,” a diss song aimed at Boskoe. On November 6, 2014, Big Paybacc was shot dead while eating at a Mc Donalds restaurant. Authorities believed his death wasn’t a case of random violence due to the shooter only firing one shot before leaving Mc Donalds.

Boskoe 100 Beef With G-Nutt

Boskoe 100 released his mixtape “Yard Down,” in 2011. Yard Down is also a record label company founded in 2008 by rapper G-Nutt. Boskoe1 and G-Nutt met through a mutual friend and were on good terms prior to the release of “Yard Down,” however, the relationship soured due to G-Nutt, a member of the Fruit Town Brims, feeling disrespected by Boskoe1’s mixtape.

Boskoe 100 Beef with 40 Glocc

40 Glocc was signed to G-Unit records and is affiliated with the Colton City Crips gang. Boskoe whom is a member of the Bloods gang became infuriated with 40 Glocc due to his constant attacks against blood rappers such as Compton Menace, Game and Lil Wayne. Boskoe 100 proceeded to release numerous diss tracks aimed at 40 Glocc.

Boskoe 1 Albums and Mixtapes

  • Time Served
  • 2013: Resume
  • 2012: A Million And One
  • 2012: For A Few Hunnid More (with Bigfase 100)
  • 2011: Yard Down

Boskoe 100 Diss Songs

  • Truth Is (Diss To 211,Don P & Ice Burgundy)
  • Ice Is Melted (Ice Burgundy Diss)
  • The Peoples Champ (Ice Burgundy Diss)
  • 40 Glocc (Diss)

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