Bracking (Slang Meaning)

Bracking (brackin) is a slang term used by Blood gang members as a substitute for cracking. Blood gang members often replace any "C" in a word with the letter "B" to rep their gang. For instance, instead of saying "what's cracking my n*gga," a blood gang member would say "what's bracking my n*gga."

Crip gang members do the same thing vice-versa, when a word contains the letter "b," they replace it with a "c."

Bracking In Hip Hop

There are many Blood gang members rapping and it's very common for them to use Blood terms in their songs. For instance, in the song "Givenchy" by Rich Gang (Birdman & Young Thug), Birdman raps "Big B’s with a few C’s, PeeWee, what’s poppin’, n*gga? - Bankroll mafia; Hot Beezle, what’s brackin’, n*gga?"

Bracking Examples

  • It's bracking tonight
  • What's bracking my n*gga

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