Brick Squad (Gang)

Brick Squad is a faction of the criminal gang Gangster Disciples. This faction of the GDs is located on the street of 69th and Eggleston in Chicago. This faction typically refers to themselves as ‘069 Bricksquad’ with the 069 being representative of their street and used to differentiate themselves from anyone else using ‘Bricksquad’ as their faction name. This gang is not to be confused with ‘1017 BrickSquad’ which is a record label owned by rapper ‘Gucci Mane’. This gang gained nationwide attention after one of their members, rapper Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman was gunned down in what many believe, was the result of an ongoing feud with some Black Disciples members which included rapper Chief Keef. Lil Jojo has reference the name of his gang in many of his songs including ‘Tied Up’, in which he says “Smoke Em Like Some Dope When We Roll Up - BrickSquad The Police Can't Control Us”

Notable Members: P Rico Shady Monarch Lil JoJo

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