Cblock (JustoWorld)

Cblock Is A Mickey Cobra Set Known As JustoWorld. They Were Formally Known As The Clyde Boys Or The Chappel Boys. Both Sets Came Together To Be Known As JustoWorld. They Are Located On The South East Side Of Chicago On The Streets Of 75 Clyde And Chappel Know As "Tha 5" They Have Been Seen With Other Mickey Cobra Sets know As 051 Young Money. They Are Now Rivals With http://www.hipwiki.com/Guwop+Gang+%28TTD%29" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Guwop Gang A mix Set Of Gds and Stones. They War Begin After The Death Of Two Men Justin "Justo" Jackson And Tracy "Guwop" Gibson. There Have Been Several Shootings Between The Two Sets And Several Been Wouded Or Dead. There was a brief peace treaty called for by other MCs between the sets, which only lasted a few weeks. Both groups share 75th street, Justoworld to the east of Jeffery Boulevard, Guwopblock to the west. You Can Find Their Videos On Youtube Under M.O.C Known For "Money On CBlock. Justoworld also used the name Alpo city for fallen member Chad "Alpo" Collins and Kiddoworld.

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