Charleito whose real name is Charlie Trevale Koonce is a rapper from the southside of Marion, Indiana. He was born on Janurary 10th, 1996. Charleito's name came from his Uncle whom previously was known as the local DJ "Mixologist". The name is a combination of the critically acclaimed movie named "Carlito's Way" ; and Charleito's previous alias "Kent Leito".

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[| |boxg]In 2014, Charleito self released his own music video titled "10 Percent". At the time Charleito was still a student in High School, The video itself put him in the spotlight for one of the city's more serious artist. In 2015, Charleito released his first full length project named "hOURS". The 13 track mixtape featured a combination of unreleased and new songs including features from MalcDat, Smokey and ShowOutt. After the success of the first mixtape Charleito then continued to create the project into a series by releasing "hOURS 2" later that year. Charleito has often been labeled as a "Super Artist". Leito has many local hits such as "Talk To You Later" , "Wedding Ring" and "Sauce". 12522952 1550846128572414 5786510074175493227 N  Songs like "Wedding Ring" (Prod By CashMoneyAP) consists of a bottle of emotion pouring out into a story in catchy melodys delivered by Leito. In the song Charleito explains the story behind him being physically ill in High School; After being diagonsed with Pneumonia the artist continues to note he's not surprised by what has happened and has learned a valuable lesson from it. Other songs where Leito shows off his versitality resides in songs such as "Do You", Which was also released on the first project. Originally Charleito used only straight forward vocals and reverbs to give his songs the sense of a strong but clear presense. Later in 2015, Leito began releasing songs with a mixture of both raw vocals and auto tune. Charleito is also afiliated with artist "Luney Bandz" and is a currently a member of the "BandoGang" music group. Although Charleito is afiliated with the artist, Leito is also the founder of his own Music Group "Threatz Entertainment". As of now the upcoming superstar is working on his album "Charleito's Way"; which he announced will be fully produced by producer CashMoneyAP and engineered by engineer Zack Davidson.    

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