Daquan is a fictional character which was created on twitter in 2014. Daquan is depicted as a black inner-city youth whose overly concern about trapping (selling drugs) and rapping. Most memes depict a white girl ignoring the advice of older relatives and deciding to align herself with Daquan.

Daquan Origin

The first post mentioning Daquan was posted by twitter user @RealRaymondJ, it showed a white girl with a dissmissive hand gesture toward an older white women, with the caption "Mom I don’t want a David, I want a Daquan." The post was heavily shared on twitter and many more Daquan posts soon followed. Less than a week after RealRaymondJ's post, a twitter account named @YahBoyDaquan was launched which is dedicated to Daquan. @YahBoyDaquan was a huge hit and attracted more 40,000 subscribers in its first day.

Is Daquan Racist

Many have questioned whether the Meme Daquan is racist due to the fact it depicts an alleged African American man using common stereotype often used to depict young black teens. Daquan is often considered to be every white parent's nightmares in most of the posts regarding Daquan, a common stereotype often use when talking about relationship between black males and white females.

Funniest Daquan Posts

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