Die Y-Meaning

Die Y is a gang term mostly used by Chicago gangsters. Die Y means (Die Young Money), Young Money is a gang located in Chicago(Chiraq). Die Y is similar to Die L's, the difference being Die L's can mean numerous things(Love,Life,Lamron), but die Y means 1 thing. One should also note that there are multiple young money gangs in Chicago and they are not all allies, for instance 051 Young Money is a Mickey Cobra set, while TYMB is a Black Disciples set which is a rival of 051.

Die Y Hand sign

One of Young Money's hand sign is the Y which is done by making a fist with your hand, and then extending your pinky , index finger, and thumb, when done properly it ends up looking like an upstanding Y, and also resembles an M. The enemies of Young Money do the same sign for Die Y, the only exception is, while Young Money is throwing up the Y, their enemies are dropping them as a sign of disrespect, hence the term Die Y.

Lil Jay does the Die Y sign in many of his videos, in one of his most popular videos, 'Hang Wit Me Freestyle', Lil Jay drops the Y while saying 'And I drop my Ys, both of them and moneys (Die Y, Die Y, Die Y)'. A picture of Lil Jay and company dropping the Y can be seen in the picture to the right.

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