Die 6 is a term used by gang members that are rivals of the Folk Nation. One of the Folk Nation’s symbols is the letter 6, which comes from their use of the 6 pointed star to represent King David Barksdale founder of the BDN.

On September 2, 1974, Barksdale died from kidney failure as a result of the 1969 attack in which he was accidentally shot by one of his cohorts "Suitcase Charlie". He was survived by his three children (one of which was gunned down by a member of the Gangster Disciples street gang in 1996) and wife Yvonne Barksdale, until her murder three years later in 1977. King David is still respected in death by BDs GDs people represent or throw up the 6 in the simplest term is to {make both hands resemble the CK sign and align them together keep in from and not "craccin it" by separating the bond between hands} Crips sets who ride with Folk nation members and represent with a c and pitchfork connecting to make an 8 (8 ball).

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