EBK is a gang acronym meaning 'Every Body Killer'. EBK is not a gang, though it's common to hear gang members referring to themselves as EBK. EBK has gained popularity lately due to the rise of drill and trap music from Chicago, where lots of gang members tend to use the acronyms 'BDK' 'EBK' and 'GDK'. Gang members normally add a "K" add the end of their rival gangs name to imply they will kill them any chance they get. Though many gangs claim EBK, it's mostly used by renegade gangs since normally don't ally themselves with any specific gangs. Lot of gangs in Chicago that are die5 and die6 often claim EBK since they are not members of the People Nation nor the Folk Nation.

Many artists whom are part of gangs have used 'EBK' in their lyrics including rap artists such as Lil Herb, Lil Bibby among others. In the song "Gangway" by Lil Herb, whom is a Black P Stone gang member, he says "We grew up on loyalty, EBK a brothership - Or should I say ya brotherhood, either way my brothers good"

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