Expose Lyrics-Billionaire Black-FBG Duck

(Intro – Friday Movie conversation)

What up big worm? (Smokey)
How much you got left?(Big Worm)
Man I got a lot (Smokey)
You still ain’t sold that weed smokey? (Big Worm)
I’m trying to Worm, n*ggas are broke these days (Smokey)
I don’t think you’re applying yourself smokey. You smoking my sh*t? (Big Worm)
Hell nah. F*ck with your sh*t? Hell nah (Smokey)
You smoking my sh*t? (Big Worm)
Now why would I do some sh*t like that (Smokey)
I might have to f*ck you up Smokey. Playing with my money is like playing with my emotion. (Big Worm)

(Verse 1 – Billionaire Black)

Look Bang Bang that’s my sh*t
30 Shot clips, I pop sh*t
Run up on Bi catch hot sh*t
Say we ain’t out here, n*gga stop it
Look, b*tch I’ll roll another deuce,
Shout out to them hittas on the deuce
Run up on Bi he'll shoot
Expose n*ggas it’s time to tell the truth
Look, say Ballout in the street, I ain’t never seen Ballout in them streets
Catch SD lackin on front street son, run up on the n*gga boom boom, he done
Ride foreign, but used to drive Nissan
N*ggas expose to a gun, n*ggas be runnin
Choppa with a knife, flick a n*gga he done
N*ggas get played out like rerun
Drop like Edaion the E-way
Pick his head up, I sold it on ebay
We racing for the money like a relay
No lacking in the field, get the steel
Smoking dope to the face our deal
See, a lot of you rappers ain’t real
Def Jam here this is gonna ruin your deal,
Look 1012 down in the hood
I ain’t Keef, I ain’t tweaking in the damn wood
Got the pole on me wish a n*gga damn would
A hundred goons wit a n*gga, it’s an ambush
Quick to strip a man, strip the whole block
Catch Boss Top coming out of O’Block,
Red beam, n*gga open up yo top
We wanna give it, trying to pull the clown’s old clock
Look, off the molly, probably Odee, I smoke OG by the OZ
N*ggas stunting like he really know me, if I’m b*tch, f*ck n*gga then show me
Let me come out to the old me, when I used to keep 30s and them toasters
Hit a n*gga with the cobra, it’s over
F*ck n*gga exposed

(Verse 2 - FBG Duck)

Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang,
I ain’t really gonna say too much, but St Lawrence, St Lawrence, St Lawrence, St Lawrence
Lil Durk said my name, now I think it’s time to murk his ass
Have my shooters lurk for his ass
Late night trying to t shirt his ass
Slide up and my b*tch with me, got the 30 stuck to her Birkin bag
N*ggas going about it, and it hurts to say it, f*ck I gotta black hearse his ass
Why the f*ck is they playing these games with me
They know them 30 shots hang with me
They b*tches, they know who they claim to be
I’m on there, you look like a stain to me
Opps, no it’s not a thing to me, got shooters that make bullets rain for me
I remain a beast, St Lawrence street, them n*ggas did everything for me
You should have known I was nothing to play with, big ass guns I stay with
Keef think it’s macaroni time, but whole time though that’s gay sh*t
Glory boyz tell story boys, might rap about guns but never spray sh*t
Ballout a b*tch, he ain’t take sh*t
Reese just be on a lot of hating sh*t
Remember when we were by PHDT, it was 5 of us, yall was 13 deep
If we was 13, you’d get the colt char, yall would have saw 26 feet
N*gga you could lose your life this week
I see yall think that sh*t sweet
I ride down Normal and see no one, this sh*t’s starting to get weak
Boss Top said man down on St Lawrence, boy don’t get your ass smoked tweaking off ganja
And I will let you meet that Llama, shout to them hittas RIP to J Money (man down, man down)

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