Fufu is a slang word that is often used to mean fake, soft, and pussy. The meaning of this slang depends on who’s using it. Fufu is a slang word for vagina, though it’s not meant to be an offensive meaning of vagina, calling someone a vagina is disrespectful in general.

Another meaning for the word is ‘fake’, this definition of the word is mostly associated with Chicago rappers whom often use the word ‘fugazi’ which means ‘fake’, so fufu is simply a word play off of the word ‘fugazi’ for them.

Fufu can also mean soft, this meaning comes from the food called ‘fufu’ from Africa. This food is soft in nature hence saying someone is ‘fufu’ is saying they are soft. In Wale’s song “My Sweetie”, he says “You are not hard you are fufu soft”.

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