Goofy Meaning

Goofy is an English adjective meaning foolish; silly; stupid. The term goofy has been on the rise lately due to the rise of drill music from Chicago, in which numerous rappers use the term goofy. When a gangster calls another individual who’s claiming to be a gangster ‘goofy’, they're basically saying the other individual is being silly because they’re not about that life.

Goofy Example

A drug dealer who has come to the conclusion that their customer is a ‘goofy’ will give them a smaller amount of drugs for what they are paying for, such as giving them a nickel($5) bag while charging them for a dime($10) bag.

Lil Jay, in his song ‘Who the F*ck is Dude’ said “Yeah I got shot 10 times but goofy had no aim.” Lil Jay is pretty much saying the shooter was stupid and unable to aim.

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