Is Chief Keef Gay

A little while back, pictures were circulating showing Chief Keef getting too close to another male, many started wondering whether or not Chief Keef is gay? The pictures in question are below, take a look, decide for yourself and then read on for more info. (DO NOT LOOK AT NUMBER 6 UNTIL YOU READ BELOW) Chief Keef is a member of the Black Disciples gang from the set commonly referred to as O'block. Chief Keef is also the founder of Glory Boyz ( Glo Gang ).

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Looking through those pictures, it's clear why some may be questioning his sexuality, and the fact that women are rarely in Chief Keef’s videos only added fuel to the fire. However, after finding out who the individuals in the picture are, and where this picture is from, you may start to think otherwise. The person Chief Keef is interacting with is Lil Reese, one of Glory Boyz Entertainment (GBE)’s members. Those pictures are actually snapshot of Chief Keef and Lil Reese from their video for their song “Traffic”. The most likely scenario is someone with too much free time went on youtube, and took some snap shots from the music video, and tried to distort what was happening. Though I can’t confirm anything, it’s safe to say those pictures are not proof enough to say Chief Keef is gay.

Though those pictures were not enough to prove Chief Keef is gay, there’s another picture that’s making its way around the internet showing him performing sexual acts on another man. The picture can be viewed below at your own risk(you’ve been warned). This picture has been proven to be a fake, the individual in the picture is not actually Chief Keef; as many have pointed out, Chief Keef does not have a tattoo on his upper arm.

Chief Keef Gay
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