Jen Selter

Jen (Jennifer) Selter was born on August 7, 1994 making her 20 years old as of March 2013. She is a fitness motivator, and social media sensation whom is well known for her butt. Numerous articles have been written about her butt, with some articles titling it the world’s most famous butt. According to Jen, her rise to online stardom started after taking a picture of her butt from the side, and the picture ended up going viral.
Jen Selter’s dream is to share her workout routines with the world and hopefully inspire them to becoming as healthy and beautiful as her. In order to accomplish her dream, she has been sharing videos and photos of her working out on various social networking sites . Most of the videos and photos often show her in provocative positions, focusing on her derriere in tight fitted clothing.

Jen Selter Endorsements

With over 3 million Instagram and millions more on other social networks, it was only a matter of time before she started receiving major endorsement deals. The first major endorsement Jen Selter received was with Cirrus Fitness, a fitness equipment manufacturer. Cirrus Fitness’ deal with Jen Selter will give her a custom line of products, and have her demonstrate their existing products in workouts. She has also received sponsorship and shout-out offers from major companies such as Nike, Lululemon, and New Balance.

Jen Selter Workout

Jen Selter doesn’t have a specific list of workout, the video below contain some of the workouts she have taped herself doing.

Jen Selter Before And After Pics

Jen Selter claims that prior to becoming an instagram model, she was just another ordinary girl. A picture uploaded by her compared her butt from the past to the present, and as the picture shows it certainly has grown.

Jen Selter Plastic Surgery

After completing High School, Jen Selter had 2 jobs, one in a gym and another in a plastic surgeon office. Her second job at the plastic surgeon office cause critics to wonder if she had plastic surgery to enhance her butt, a claim she has denied.

Jen Selter Competitors

Though Jen is one of the most popular fitness Instagram models out there, she didn’t start this fad/industry, it’s very common for fitness instructors to have social networks with large followings. With the amount of fame that Jen Selter found by simply taking pictures of her butt and uploading them to various social networks, it came as no surprise when other females tried to imitate her success. While Jen is arguably the most popular fitness Instagram model out there, there are many others with large followings such as Paige Hathaway and Alexandra Bring.

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