Kap G

Kap G Kap G is a rapper from the South Side of College Park in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s a member of the rap group ‘K.A.P. Kap G was called ‘Lil G’ when he was younger, but he now goes by Kap G, which is a mix between his group name and his childhood name. Kap G list Kanye West as an inspiration for rapping. He is currently signed to Atlantic Records. Though seen as a new comer in the rap game, Kap G has worked with some of the biggest rappers in the industry which include Spenzo, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Kirko Bangz, and Chief Keef among others.

Though Kap G was born in America, both of his parents are Mexicans whom moved to California. He has four brothers and one sister; he’s the youngest in his family. Before Kap G was born, one of his brothers was a gang member while only six years old, when his mom found out, she decided to move the family to College Park where Kap G would later be born. He was born in Grady Hospital, and people born there are referred to as ‘Grady Baby’.

Kap G’s Mexican heritage is often portrayed in his videos, he claims that him being a Mexican-American only add another angle to his rap career. Since he grew up in College Park which is heavily populated by African American, he’s able to rap about both Mexican and African American cultures. He’s also determined to increase the rap industry’s respect for Mexican rappers because he believe there’s very few of them, and they’re not taken too seriously.

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