Kap G-UOENO Lyrics

(Kap G – Intro)

Que paso homie
Got your b*tch hitting my iPhone, UOENO it
You like state farm to the b*tches, UOENO it
You paying all the bills, can’t even afford it
Think you smoking on some loud, you ain’t even blowing
Cause he just drank you some lean UOENO it
Everyday’s Cinco De Mayo, UOENO it
Cause everyday they cross the border, UOENO it (seven thousand)
We call that coyotes, UOENO it
That’s why we sipping Corona, UOENO it

(Kap G – Verse 1)

Ok your b*tch want me, you’re b*tch blocking, that’s a penalty you’re holding
Yea Barrack Obama my president, she on that pole like we voting
JB got strong Hulk Hogan, so sticky you can’t even roll it
She trying to have my baby, I got her punching holes in my Trojan
I brought the monte Carlo, they stole it
But it bounced back like Spartan
Mama sending money to Mexico hey UOENO it
I’m a fresh Migo, these Jordans, these Mexico imported
Rocking old sh*t, south pole sh*t, nah I ain’t even know it
She Beyonces like Hova, got redbones, Coca Cola
And my gay b*tches so cold hearted, I call that Bi-Polar
Police shot your lurking, no license no learners
We swiping surburban, migos on that purple,
We hit the cut and you’re spurring
Ralph Lauren I’m just horsing,
Honda Civic, yea that’s gorgeous
My b*tch bad, that’s six flag, she ride me, Georgia scorch it
I paint the picture like a portrait, Café La Familia no orphan
So many Retro Air Jordans, man I swear I need an endorsement
Yea I just blow that ganja, nah I don’t sell that ganja
Got them migos up in Mexico, I can plug ya in if I know ya
My cousin got deported holmes, UOENO it
Went from College Park to Mexico, California, Arizona
Pretty b*tches off, lawn mow it
Mexico losing money from towing
Cause that sh*t over there get crazy though UOENO it
Got the Bentley crib you know it,
That no beso we flow it
We be stacking that bread, yea them pesos we focus

(Kap G – Outro)

La coscana shot it UOENO it (we good)
And we started from la tierra UOENO it (from the dirt)
Ride that Honda like a Lambo UOENO it
And your b*tch tatted my name UOENO it
UOENO it, hey,
Name’s Kap G, UOENO it
La moviemento, UOENO it
Café La Familia, UOENO it
Que paso holmes, UOENO it
I probably lala, UOENO it
From college park to Mexico, hey UOENO it

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