Killa Kellz

Killa Kellz

Killa Kellz is rap artist from Chicago whose style is often classified as drill music. He is a gang member in Chicago’s South Side whom often raps about his life as a gang member, and the harsh realities of living in the streets of Chicago. Killa Kellz has numerous videos on youtube, and has released a couple of mixtapes. Some of his best songs include Dreams N Nightmares, Wolfpack, 300K, among others.

Black Disciples

When Killa Kellz started rapping, he was a Black Disciples gang member from the065 Lamron set and used to be cool with 064 Lamron. In many of his early videos he can be seen throwing up BD gang signs and praising Lamron. He also had multiple songs with Glory Boyz Entertainment(GBE) artist Lil Reese, whom was also a member of Lamron during that time, one of their songs is titled “Pipe Down”. Kellz also had a song titled “Lamron 065” when he used to be a Black Disciples in which he paid homage to his gang. His relationship with the Black Disciples would soon end, and his former gang would become his enemy, which he constantly diss in current songs.

Insane Black Disciples

Though there’s no official story on how Killa Kellz’ breakup came to be with the Lamron set of the Black Disciples, many close to the situation claim that while Killa Kellz was a member of 065 Lamron, some members of the Lamron gang killed his family that was on 069. That didn’t seat well with Killa Kellz, who then decided to become an Insane Black Disciples and joined 069 Bricksquad, an Insane Gangster Disciples set. The beef between Lamron and Bricksquad is still going on, and Lil Reese has on numerous occasions verbally attack Bricksquad and Killa Kellz in songs and on twitter; Kellz has also attack Lil Reese and Lamron in his songs.

JoJos Revenge

Killa Kellz and Producer Smylez are currently working on the mixtape "Jojos Revenge" which is slated to release on 4/7/2016

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