LA Capone - Facedown Lyrics Ft RondoNumbaNine

(Hook - L'A Capone) (2x)

When you see me, better keep your face down
Hands up, don't nobody make a sound
Dumb b*tch, grab the swisher, break down
Ass up, but keep your face down

(Verse 1 - L'A Capone)

Hit the ground when my team come around
Head shots, knock his f*cking face down
Smoking pounds, doing drills for my town
Goofy, you ain't doing sh*t, watch for the Crown
I'm busting hard, can't f*ck with the frauds
I done jumped his gate, now I'm standing in his yard
B*tch, we going hard, 600, we some stars
She gone play that role, but she know who we are
She give me her check, she give me her neck
Poking me is dead, I'm a die for my respect
Little bro, where that TEC? N*ggas steady wanna play
I'm a have to let it spray, show him he ain't BDK

(Hook) (2x)

(Verse 2 - Rondonumbanine)

When you see me, better keep your face down
I got a TEC on my neck that shoot rounds
Hit a stain, do a drill, don't make a sound
Go out of town, f*ck a b*tch and smoke a pound
I'm with D-Rose and we toting on the block
And if a opp ride past, it's gone be shots
Die Y, die Ls to the opps
F*ck the cops, like Tutu, get popped
In the foreign car all sacked up
Freebands got my pockets racked up
Saying f*ck the Bs'll get you whacked up
All these new n*ggas, they can back up

(Hook) (2x)

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