LA Capone - The Gat Lyrics

(Hook) (2X)

I could never lack, go to sleep with the gat
Trust none but I believe in the gat
Me and my b*tch go eat with the gat
It's real, but sh*t get deeper than that
Why would I lie? No reason for that
Six-O sh*t got seasonal gats
Y'all know how we be with the gat
Hit a lick, kick a door then leave with the gat

(Verse 1)

Homie like "Bro, be easy with that"
I love when it bust like semen in that
N*ggas know me, I be in the trap
Like why would I lie? No reason for that
F*ck n*gga want beef, I'm squeezing the gat
He drop Bs, he bound to get whacked
On my block where cannon is at
On my block where animals at
We been drilling since white tee days
I'll shoot a ho, gat go both ways
B*tch, we the Fam, everybody throw treys
We don't give a damn, everybody blow a K
Whole city know D-Block ain't safe
L'A Capone at the top of the race
Fufu n*gga stay out of my shade
Up a gat on a lame, give me all that cake
Catch a body, it's a hommie, I ain't catching no case
I don't need 30, I use that 8
If a n*gga throw rakes, six shots to the face
Hitters don't play, they'll hit that cake
Nah, I'll never rat, keep my mouth duct-taped
F*ck what the motherf*cking cops gonna say
It ain't never too late what the clock gonna say
But you should have known better so the Glock gone spray
Now be real with me
N*ggas ain't really in the field with me
And I ain't trying to have to go do 50
So I f*ck with real n*ggas through the city
When I ain't in my mood to shoot the semi
I go to my room and pour the Remy
Got a 100 n*ggas that's out to get me
650 that's riding with me

(Hook) (2X)

(Verse 2)

Young hot head never gave a damn
Price tag on his head, he gone lose a limb
Can't do too much, I know who he is
Can't go nowhere, I know where he live
Talk slick all day, he ain't on a thing
Boys snatch his ass up and I bet he sing
Shorty thought he was slow off of 'methazine
One shot, head shot, it's a Kennedy scene
All the real n*ggas know I got street cred
She can't meet my mom, she can meet the bed
Got a 100-shot chop where I lay my head
Try to run up on me, now he oh so dead
Stay f*cking with me, he must be off the meds
Never wife no b*tch, to the block I pledge
Be a hitter by yourself like Durk-Rap Artist" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">Lil Durk said
But rule number one is get that bread
If you a n*gga getting money, I salute you boy
I f*ck her all kind of ways, Kama Sutra, boy
And everyday the 25th, they ain't used to toys
He went bankrupt quick, he ain't used to green
I throw my Bs to the sky, man I love my team
Purp in the cup gave me the grandma lean
He in the building, they'll know when we on scene
But they don't want us around cause we tear up things

(Hook) (2X)

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