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LA Capone-Rapper

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L’A Capone-Rapper
L’A Capone
Edit Plugin:imgL’A Capone was born Leonard Anderson on September 18, 1996 in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. He was an up and coming rapper closely associated with Lil Durk? whom has appeared in some of his videos. Just like Chief Keef and Lil Durk, he was a member of the Black Disciples gang, and was often seen in videos with fellow rapper “RondoNumbaNine” and his step brother "Qwap" shoutinrg out “GDK” which is slang for “Gangster Disciples Killer”; Gangster Disciples are rivals of the Black Disciples. His life and rapping career would come to a halt when a gunman approached him and shot him once in the thigh on September 26, 2013 as he made his way to the ER he suffered massive blood loss and died on the operating table; He was only 17 years old at the time he was killed. Recently the killer was found heres the source someone update this and make it smart http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-2-charged-in-2013-shooting-death-of-teen-in-south-shore-neighborhood-20140823-story.html
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Music Style

L’A Capone like many rappers coming out of Chicago was part of the drill scene, which is music that depicts the gangster lifestyle many in Chicago live. He was an up and coming rapper whom wasn’t signed to any major labels; he had numerous videos on youtube which were well received by fans and critics. His songs like most other drill music, depicted his daily life as a Black Disciples gangbanger.

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LA Capone Mixtape

LA Capone didn't get a chance to release any mixtapes while he was alive, however, after passing away his affiliates released a mixtape titled 'King LA' for him, it included some of his most popular songs such as 'Play for Keeps' and 'Round Here' as well as new released songs such as "So loud" and 'The Gat'. The mixtape has been upload to youtube.

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L’A Capone Death

On September 26, 2013, while leaving the recording studio around 6:00 PM, LA Capone went to look for his ride down the street, as he was walking down an alley near 70th Street and Stony Island Avenue, he was approached by an assailant on foot, and four shots were soon fired, hitting him in his thigh and lower back. Upon hearing of the shooting, Lil Durk, who has been friends with him for more than five years, tweeted his wishes for him to get better, but he would later tweet “RIP Lil Bro” in Capone’s twitter around 8:00PM.

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Who Killed L'A Capone?

No one has been charged with his death yet, however, many are speculating that it was gang related. L’A Capone was a member of the Black Disciples, and they have been feuding with the Gangster Disciples. In his song titled “Play for Keeps” he says “Shondale how the hot sh*t feel”, which is a diss aimed at dead Ganster Disciples member Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, whom was killed in 2011 while waiting for the bus, following Shondale’s death , Gangster Disciples started using “Tooka Gang” as a nickname for their gang. Though this was one of L'A Capone's gang most public feud, his murder is believed to have been carried out by another rival gang known as 051 Young Money, shortly after Capone was killed numerous YM members were crediting themselves for his death, and no other gangs have claimed to be the one behind the murder.

2 Men have been charged with the murder of La Capone.
Lil Mick from Young Money 051 has been charged with murder of La Capone on August 21

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L’A Capone's Best Songs Compilation

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