Lamron (Gang)

Lamron gang is a set of the criminal gang knows as the Black Disciples. This set of the BDs is located in Normal Ave, Chicago. The name of this gang is the street name spelled backward. This particular faction of the BDs has seen its popularity rise due to Lil Durk and Lil Reeese, both whom are members of Lamron. Chief Keef is a rap artist from Chicago, and many of his songs make reference to his gang the Black Disciples, and at times Lamron which he's cool with. In his song John Madden, Chief Keef says “300 savage with Lamron, Its closed casket O-Block we blitz n*ggas, Like , John Madden” Though many songs from Chicago are praising Lamron, that is not the case with St Lawrence Boys member Lil Jay, in his track “Lil Jay 00 For a Living” he disses Lamron saying “F*ck lamron die lamron and f*ck 4-6.F*CK EM - Am riding around with that 40 cal - See ah opp ama blow him down”.

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