Lil Herb (Chicago Rap Artist)

Lil Herb is a rap artist from Chicago, his music style is often classified as trap and drill music. Though Lil Herb’s style is similar to that of fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef, critics often praise him for being more lyrical. Lil Herb was born in 1996 in the east side Chicago area known as Terror town.

Lil Herb usually raps with fellow Chicago rapper Lil Bibby and have been called a duo by many fans though they are not officially one. Some of Lil Herb’s most famous songs include hits such as “Kill Sh*t” featuring Lil Bibby, and his new remix to the song “Versace”. Those two songs are arguably his two most popular songs; they have received millions of views on youtube.

Lil Herb is a member of the Black P. Stone gang in Chicago. He is part of the renegade faction from Terror Town known as ‘No Limit”. He usually reference his gang in his songs such as “Kill Sh*t” in which he says “But now it's back to some killa sh*t, got some wild hoes that'll drill a b*tch - Yea it's no limit, thirty years runnin', thirty years gunnin' and we still the sh*t - I never run cause I stay to fight, I'll cook a n*gga like steak and rice”. Lil Herb is often seen wearing sweaters and shirts with the acronym 'NLMB', NLMB stands for 'Never Leave My Brother' and which is a pact formed between Herb's gang 'No Limit' and the 'Muskegon Boyz', a renegade Gangster Disciples set.

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