Lil Jay

Lil Jay
Lil Jay
Lil Jay (Also known as King Lil Jay) is a rapper from Chicago, he’s part of the drill movement and is a member of the rap group Fly Boy Gang(FBG). He’s a member of the Insane Gangster Disciples set known as St Lawrence Boys, which often goes by the nickname Tooka Gang.

Lil Jay’s Crew

Lil Jay’s part of a crew called Fly Boy Gang(FBG), which consists of other rappers such as FBG Duck, and Billionaire Black. He used to be cool with Lil JoJo, a rapper from Chicago whom was also a part of a the IGDs in the set known as BrickSquad. Lil Jojo was murdered on September 4th, 2012 and many believe it was due to an ongoing beef with rapper Chief Keef, a member of the Black Disciples gang.

Lil Jay’s Gang Affiliation

Lil Jay is a member of the Insane Gangster Disciples gang in the south side of Chicago. He’s from the set known as the ‘St Lawrence Boys’. His set also goes by other names; ‘Tooka gang’ being one its more popular aliases. People are often confused as to what gang Lil Jay is in, and that confusion stems from the fact that Lil Jay is an Insane Black Disciple member, but his gang is actually an Insane Gangster Disciple set. "Insane" gang sets are self ruled and are not allied with other sets of the gang, that’s the fastest way to explain why an Insane BD is in an Insane GD set. Lil Jay sent out the tweet below in which he explains his gang affiliation.

Lil Jay Insane Black Disciples
Lil Jay Insane Black Disciples

Lil Jay Shot

Lil Jay is no strange to violence, in one of his songs “Who the F*ck is Dude”, Lil Jay claim he was shot 10 times in total, “Yea I got shot 10 times but goofy had no aims, but you know I keep it on me, b*ch I ain’t no lame”. But that song soon got old, as Lil Jay was gunned down even more. In his song, “Hang Wit Me(remix)”, he says “Got shot 16 times, but I’m replenish”. So yes, Lil Jay has been shot 16 times, so far.

Lil Jay vs Chief Keef Beef

Lil Jay’s gang ‘St Lawrence Boys’ has been at war with various Black Disciples set for a while, the war didn’t start when they started rapping, it’s been a long going rivalry. However, when they started rapping and started gaining popularity, the war went public, and the death of rival gang members started making the news. Lil Jay’s gang which also goes by the name of Tooka Gang, has been consistently bashed by Black Disciples rappers such as Chief Keef, whom said in his song John Madden “F*ck A Tooka Gang, I let this ruger bang”. Lil Jay himself have dissed various slain members of the Black Disciples. The beef shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Lil Jay Vs Edai Beef

Lil Jay has and his group FBG has been beefing with another Chicago rap artist by the name of Edai. Edai is a Black Disciples member from the 600 set, some tweets from Edai have made him a target for the FBG members. The beef prompted Lil Jay to create a diss song aimed at Edai titled “Who the F*ck is dude”. FBG Duck, a member of Fly Boy Gang(FBG) is featured on the song. In the song we learn that Lil Jay has been shot multiple times, and FBG duck got stab in his stomach, which Edai apparently made fun of on twitter.

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