Lil Kemo

Lil Kemo whose real name is Travon Biggs is a professional bop dancer and rapper from Chicago, Illinois. As drill music started becoming popular around the country, drill rappers started incorporating bopping into their videos, and Lil Kemo has long been considered as one of the best boppers around. He has been in numerous videos such King Louie’s ‘My N*ggaz’ song, but fans first became aware of Lil Kemo’s bopping abilities in M.I.C. member Il Will's “Go In” video. When the ‘My N*ggaz’ video was posted on Youtube, numerous viewers whom were unfamiliar with bopping were dazzled by Lil Kemo’s performance. Lil Kemo along with Dlowhave both proclaim themselves the kings of bop, a claim which is hard for anyone to challenge.

In 2014, Lil Kemo and Dlow were invited to numerous TV shows to demonstrate their bopping abilities, such as the Steve Harvey show and Fox 32 in Chicago. Kemo has released a song and video titled ‘Kemo Step’ in which Kemo demonstrates a customized bop dance he named ‘Kemo Step’. Apart from making guest appearances on TV shows, Lil Kemo also make appearance at parties for money.

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