Lil Malik

Lil Malik Lil Malik is a 19 year old rapper from Greensboro Nc. Known from the highly anticipated dropped Mixtape "Cutline life$tyle" Which featured his crew 800.Malik has been on the scene since the age 16 when he was apart of former Group "YungGrind" the group was first introduce in 2010 getting a record deal with Big cat records. Now Malik is solo bringing a big buzz to the Greensboro area with hits such as "Why they mad" "Rich folkz and "No hook". Image  


Lil Rod Vs Lil Malik

Richmond rapper Lil Rod has suspossely dissed Lil Malik in one of his songs saying "All these f*ck niggas keep claiming 800 n*gga that's my sh*t when I catch him I'm gonna hit a lick." referring to Malik. 

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