Lor D’shaun

Lor D'shaun was born Deshaun Jones and was a rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. He was murdered by stray bullets on August 24, 2013 while sitting on his porch at the young age of 15. Lor D'shaun was an upcoming rapper and had numerous videos on youtube including "Playing for Keeps", "All on Me", and his most popular song "Bodie'Em". Though Lor D'shaun's lyrics were filled with violence such as his song "Bodie'Em" in which he says "They don't even know who did it, hit the target, hit the witness, I ain't trying to see the prisons", his mother insists her son wasn't part of the violence, but was merely narrating what he sees goes on everyday in his surroundings.

Lor D'shaun Death

On saturday August 24, 2013, while sitting on his porch and days away from his first day in Frederick Douglass High School, Lor D'shaun was hit by bullets being fired at a nearby illegal dice game and died as a result of his injury. Authorities in Baltimore claim seven people were shot in total from the shooting that night in what they're are calling the worst cluster shooting since 2009 when 12 people were hit.

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