Loud Slang Meaning

Loud is slang for potent weed. The term loud comes from the fact that the drug marijuana has a strong smell, and since stronger marijuana strains tend to smell stronger than their counter part, the term ‘loud’ was created for those type of strains. Though loud is slang for strong weed, people often use it to refer to all type of weed.

People also use the term loud as an adjective to indicate that they are high/stoned. For example in rapper LA Capone’s song ‘So Loud’ he said “Pull up on a b*tch so loud - No asking, it’s blam baw - Just opened a swisha, so loud”. LA Capone is using loud as an adjective to indicate that he’s high. The slang loud is very popular with Chicago rappers, and can be heard in songs by artists such as Chief Keef and Lil Durk.

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