Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters

Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters (LSG) is a gang founded in Chicago, Illinois. They are a renegade Folks Nation gang. This gang was found by 3 high ranking Gangster Disciple members: King Rusty, Hickey Nut, and Angel. The 3 GD members left the Gangster Disciples gang and decided to form what is now known as Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters. LSG's main strong hold is called Coopville, which is in the area of 115th to 118th and Ashland to Racine. At their creating, Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters (LSG) had a strong relationship with the Gangster Disciples, over the years, the relation deteriorated to the point where LSG became a renegade Folks Nation gang.

Lynchmen Locations

  • 115th - 118th / Ashland - Racine "Coopville"
  • 93rd & Stony Island
  • 111th & Racine
  • 109th & Elizabeth

Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters (LSG) Gang Information:

  • Gang Name: Lynchmen Sercaun Gangsters (LSG)
  • Affiliation: Renegade Folks
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Symbols: Globe with Lenchman Forks Up Disciples Forks Down, 3 Point Crown, 6 Point Star
  • Aliases: Lynchmen, Lenchmen, LOCs, Ls
  • Colors: Black & Grey
  • Saying: LSG All Day With The Black And Grey
  • Members: Unkown

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