MUBU Krump

MUBU Krump, 32, was a Chicago Drill rapper and a member of King Louie’s MUBU (Man Up Band Up) group. Krump was also a Gangster Disciples gang member from Dro City. He was shot and killed in 2018 while attending a party.

MUBU Krump Death

In 2018, while standing outside a house party, Krump, along with his friend, 051 Melly were shot. MUBU Krump died shortly after getting shot. His friend, Melly from 051 Young Money, was shot multiple times, including one bullet that grazed him in the head but survived.

MUBU Krump Beefs

MUBU Krump was well known for the multiple beefs he was in with rival gang members. MUBU Krump was constantly arguing with gang members on social networks sites such as twitter and instagram.

MUBU Krump Vs Lil Durk

Lil Durk, a rapper and Black Disciples gang member from Lamron was constantly arguing with MUBU Krump. In 2016, while Lil Durk’s DJ, DJ Bandz, was shopping in a mall, Krump walked up and dropped him with a right hand. He later posted video of the incident on twitter and captioning it “It's goes down @lildurk_ u wasn't in time my n*gga ...Share yo location we can meet #PUTTHEGUNSDOWN @djbandz #OTF “ and “Where a Mf wanna meet we a leave u in da street #PUTTHEGUNSDOWN we don't want nobody dead we just beat des b*tch ass n*gga.”

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