Montana Of 300

Montana of 300 is rap artist from Chicago, Illinois. His music is classified in the sub-genre of Hip Hop known as Drill Music, which started from the South Side of Chicago. Montana is a member of the rap group 300 which was created in 2008. The '300' in his name comes from the rap group, according the Montana, the group's name is based off the movie "300" and was picked particularly for the following line from the movie "No Surrender, No Retreat, Only the hard, only the strong, Against All odds". Montana has numerous videos on youtube which have accumulated millions of views, some of his best songs are 'Air Jordan', 'I Don't Like (remix)', and 'Chiraq (remix)' among others.

Many people believe that Montana is a member of the Black Disciples gang because of the 300 in his name, which many people have come to associate witch Chief Keef's 300 Black Disciples set in the South Side of Chicago. Montana is not a member of the Black Disciples gang, in his 'I Don't Like (remix)' he raps "Your sweet as a kiwi i’m 300 no BD". In a 2012 post from Chief Keef on twitter, Chief Keef, tweeted that Montana was not a member of the 300 gang "Who Is Montana From 300? Neva Met Him Is He From Chicago Idk Neva Seen Him! Is He 300? Hell The F*ck No Yall Know We Set Trends #300 064Lz!"

Montana Of 300 is currently signed to his own record label known as 'Fly Guy Entertainment (FGE)' which consists of Montana, Talley Of 300, and Jalyn of FGE.

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