Nico Montana

Nico Montana Nico Montana is a rapper from the West Side of Chicago who’s best known for his robbery of another rapper known as ‘DJ Nate’. Nico Montana has a couple songs on youtube with his most popular ones being ‘Dope’, ‘Montana’, and ‘Looking 4 Me’ among others. Nico Montana is also a gang member affiliated with a clique known as ‘1017 Bricksquad’ which is often mistaken for Gucci Mane’s label that goes by the same name.

Nico Montana Robs DJ Nate

In 2013, Nico Montana appeared on a video which showed him robbing fellow West Side rapper DJ Nate. The video starts with DJ nate walking down the street, seconds later, he’s approached by Nico Montana who ends up punching him from behind, Nico Montana then proceed to rob Nate of some of his belongings. The robbery shocked many because it was done in broad day light with multiple people watching without doing anything, and Nico Montana didn’t seem to care that his actions were being filmed. Nico Montana would later go on to release a song titled ‘Montana’ in which he briefly addressed the situation with DJ Nate by saying “I beat his ass, he know why, he know why I beat his ass”.

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