O.T.F is a rap group owned by Lil Durk; the accronym stands for "Only The Family". OTF is not a gang, however, majority of its members are gang members from the Black Disciples, including Lil Durk. Many have falsely claimed that OTF means "Only Trey Folks", which would make it BD gang reference. Trey is one the Black Disciple Nation's symbols, which is the roman numeral "III".

OTF Members

Apart from Lil Durk, OTF's members are not well known. J Money used to be an OTF member, but he was killed on Semptember 2nd, 2013 with a gunshot wound to the head.


OTF and GBE(Glory Boyz Entertainment) are two different rap goups, people often confused the two are since GBE members are very close with Lil Durk. The two groups have a close relationship because their members are predominantly Black Disciples members, and many of them grew up together. OTF is owned by Lil Durk, while GBE is owned by Chief Keef and Fredo Santana.

OTF Controversies

During 2013 a man going by the name of Shea Davis posted a video on youtube, claiming he started OTF and Lil Durk stole it from him. He went on to call Lil Durk "fufu" among other disses.

OTF - Lil Durk Music Video

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