Odee Perry

Odee Perry was a Black Disciples gang member whom was gunned down to death on Wednesday 10, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois. He was shot with a bullet to the neck, and was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to the hospital. His killers were never apprehended. Following his death, the Black Disciples clique Odee Perry was in, decided to adopt the nickname O'Block in his honor.

Years after his death, numerous rappers from the Black Disciples would pay tribute to Odee in their songs. Fredo Santana, a rapper and Black Disciples member said in his song On That, “BANG BANG like Chief Keef , R.I.P to Odee !”. While numerous Black Disciples gang member have praised Odee Perry after his death, he is often the recipient of multiple insults from Gangster Disciples rappers such as Lil Jay.

Who Killed Odee Perry?

Sometime in 2013, Lil Jay, whom is a member of Tooka Gang, posted the picture to the right on his twitter account with the caption “#Gang Shout Out to RHEM(Them) twins that made O Block #Seriously”. Many looking at the picture believe that the two individuals in the middle of the picture are responsible for Odee Perry’s murder, the one on the right is Gakirah Barnes and STL Butta is on the left. Gakirah was murdered on April 11, 2014, and many believed her murder was a case of gang retaliation.

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