People Nation

People Nation was formed in Chicago as a response to Larry Hoover’s Folks Nation alliance. The gang leaders whom did not want to fall under Hoover’s command decided to form their own alliance and named it ‘People Nation’. Jeff Fort, the leader of the Black P Stone nation, then known as El Rukns, is often credited for the creation of the People Nation. The gangs that joined the People nation did so either because they hated certain gangs in the Folks nation, they were allied with Black P. Stone Nation, or they used to be part of the Black P Stone Nation. Both the People nation and the Folks Nation alliance were created in 1978 and are considered the two biggest active gang alliances.

People Nation Gang History

Jeff Fort, the leader of the Black P. Stones, is credited for the formation of the People nation. The Black P. Stones used to be a youth group in the 1960’s known as ‘Black P-Stone Rangers’, but they soon developed into a criminal organization involved in gang wars and criminal activities. Jeff Fort whom was the leader of the Rangers decided to merge his gang with numerous other gangs in the area, and renamed the gang the “Black P-Stone Nation”.

Following Jeff Fort’s unification of surrounding gangs, those that were not part of the newly formed ‘Black P-Stone Nation’ were amazed at their success while fearing them at the same time, Jeff Fort’s actions caused two large gangs, the Black Disciples led by David Barksdale and the Gangster Disciples led by Larry Hoover to merge and form the ‘Black Gangster Disciple Nation’. Throughout most of the 1970’s the Black P-Stone Nation and Black Gangster Disciple nation would end up controlling most of Chicago’s drug trade, while fighting a bloody war against each other.

David Barksdale died in 1974 due to kidney failure, following his death, the new leader of the Black Disciples, Jerome ‘Shorty’ Freeman decided to break away from the ‘Black Gangster Disciple Nation’. The Black P. Stone Nation also witnessed many of the gangs that were in it splinter to become independent gangs.

As time went on, more gangs were popping up in Chicago, and as many of the gang leaders went to prison, it was hard to identify those that were enemies from allies. In 1978, while in prison, Larry Hoover decided to form the ‘Folks Nation’, numerous gangs that were allied with the Gangster Disciples joined Hoover's newly created alliance, and though the leader of the Black Disciples, Jerome ‘Shorty’ Freeman disliked Hoover, he joined out of his hatred for the Black P-Stone Nation. As a response to Larry Hoover’s Folks nation, Jeff Fort, the leader of the Black P-Stone nation, decided to form his own alliance called the People Nation which would rival the Folks nation.

Gangs were brought in to the alliance through invitations or by knowing someone in the alliance. Some gangs declined their invitations, but they would soon regret that decision. As majority of gangs started identifying themselves as People or Folks, those that were not in one of those two soon found themselves fighting wars in multiple fronts with no help from other gangs. As time went on, those who declined started reconsidering their decisions.

People Nation Symbols

Gangs within the People Nation use a variety of symbols to display their alliance. Some of the People nation’s symbols are the five-point crown, staff or cane, the number 5, crescent moon, dice, spanish cross, cholo, pyramid, five-point star, champagne glass, and bunny head. One of the fastest way of telling what nation a gang is in, is to find out what numbers they associate with; People nation use the ‘5’ because one their symbols is the 5 point star, and Folks nation use the number ‘6’ because they use the 6 point star. People nation’s term “high five, six must die", came to be as a result of the differences between the stars they use.

People Nation Clothing

People nation has no specific colors to identify themselves with such as Bloods whom wear the color red, or crips whom were the color blue. Though People nation has no set colors, gangs in the People nation often wear red, gold, and black to display their association with the alliance. Another thing that’s important to People nation in regards to clothing is certain team’s logos, not because they’re fan of the team, but rather certain symbols on their jerseys might have a meaning to the People nation.

People nation gangs often wear the Dallas Cowboys gears because it has a five-point star. They also wear Miami Dolphins gears since Miami stands for “May I Admit My Insanity”. They also wear Adidas merchandises because they ‘Adidas’ as an acronym meaning “All Disciples Is Dead Allah Said”; the Black P. Stone Nation has Muslim roots and some of their major rivals have disciples in their names.

Apart from wearing specific clothing, the People nation identify to the left, which means whenever they wearing a gear they will try put on their left. For example, if they are wearing an earring, it will be on their left ear; if they roll up one of their pants, it will be the left one; if they’re wearing a hat, it will be tilted to the left, if they wearing a flag, it will be on their left side, such as the left back pocket.

People Nation Gangs

The People nation just like their adversary the Folks nation has numerous sets all across the nation, below is a list of some of its larger members:

12th Street Players
Aztec Warriors
Black P Stones
Chiuaua Moez
Dark Reapers
Fairfield Family
Fin Ballz
Fourth Generation Messiahs
Hoxie Boyz
Latin Counts
Latin Angels
Latin Kings and Queens
Latin Pachucos
Latin Stones
Murderous Players
Noble Knights
Party Players
South Side Popes
Renegade Saints
Stoned Freaks
Vice Lords
Aztec Souls
Blue Fins
Chi West
Familia Stones
Four Corner Hustlers
Latin Brothers
Insane Unknowns
Mickey Cobras
Ridgeway Boys

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