Pitchfork (Gangster Disciples Symbol)

Pitchfork (Sometime referred to as Rakes) is one of the many symbols of the Gangster Disciples gang. The pitchfork use by the GDs is the 3 point pitchfork of the devil, the three points represent mind, body, and soul. GDs also claim that the pitchfork grant them the power to overcome all obstacles

Sometimes, 2 pitchforks are shown, this is because GD lit claims that 2 pitchforks hold the golden bridge up. The double pitchforks forms a 6 point, which is also the number of points of the star used by the GDs, the six points of the double pitchforks stand for Love, Life, Loyalty - Money, Mack, and Murder.

Pitchfork - Gangster Disciples Hand Sign

The Gangster Disciples have a hand sign which is used to represent the pitchfork. Members do the hand sign by bending 3 of their fingers to look like the rakes on the pitchfork. The hand sign is done by showing the rakes pointed up.

Enemies of the Gangster Disciples often does something call Dropping Rakes (Pitchforks) as a sign of disrespect. While GDs show the rakes pointing up, someone dropping rakes will point the rakes down as a way to inform others they are enemies of the GDs; enemies of the GDs often refer to themselves as GDK (Gangster Disciples Killer).

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