Qwap600 is a 14 year old Black Disciple member from the 600 set of south Englewood in Chicago, Ill. Qwap whose real name is Jamir is kin to slain rapper L'A Capone. He can be seen in videos such as L'A Capone's "So Loud" Music Visual. Qwap as well as the 600 black disciples are having on going problems with Lil Jay's FBG and GD's (Gangster Disciples).


In 2011 he was only 11 years old when he caught his first case for having a concealed weapon. 2013, crime for armed robbery. And 2014 for Possession of a firearm on school property and the possession of an illegal Substance.


Juzo World Is named in honor of Qwap's younger brothers death Justin T.



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