RaDaLyricist is an up-and-coming rapper and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's underground known for his song, New Age Rev featuring CMG's newest artist, Plane Jaymes. He is the founder of the rap/production group APR Productions (All Positive Rap), which consists of several other rappers and producers from ATL. 

Music Career

His musical career began in 2007 when he released his first track for his first album. His debut album ‘'If Intelligence Is Evidence’‘, released in 2007. His first show was at a block party in East Point, Georgia. 

RaDaLyricist has a Rakim x KRS-ONE x 2Pac type technique in his lyrics. His rhyming deviated from the simple rhyme patterns of early 1980s-2000s hip hop. His free-rhythm style ignored bar lines and had earned comparisons to Rakim. While many rappers developed their technique through improvisation, RaDaLyricist was one of the first to demonstrate advantages of a writerly style, as with for instance his pioneering use of internal rhyme and multisyllabic rhymes. Unlike previous rappers such as Kanye West, Nas, and Jay Z, who delivered their vocals with high energy, RaDaLyricist employed a relaxed, stoic delivery. RaDaLyricist has a relaxed delivery resulted from his jazz and reggae influences. RaDaLyricist has a subject matter often covered his own rapping skills and lyrical superiority over other rappers.

Social Networks
Instagram: @rathelyricist
Twitter: @radalyricist
Soundcloud: @radalyricist
Facebook: @radalyricist

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