Rick Ross Jokes

Rick Ross Looks Killer in his Eyes
Rick Ross Looks Killer in his Eyes

Rick has had many hit songs and albums in his career and by the look of things he won’t fade away from the music industry anytime soon. Though he’s considered as one of the best rappers currently in the game right now, fans and critics often make jokes about his weight and the fact he was a correctional officer, which contradicts the gangsta lifestyle he portrays in his songs. Below is a list of the most popular Rick Ross jokes floating around. Enjoy and Share!

Rick Ross' MMG Label
-MMG= Mcdonalds Music Group
-Rick Ross = Manager
-Wale= Fry Cook
-Meek Millz= The N*gga who take your orders
-Omarion = N*gga who cleans the floors
-Stalley= N*gga who cleans the Bathrooms

• Rick Ross absorbs all air within a 1 mile radius; wear an oxygen mask when encountering him.

• Rick Ross the type of n*gga to order 40 pcs chicken nuggets and count every single one before leaving the drivethru.

• Rick Ross the type of n*gga to order 3 boxes of pizza and then ask if ya'll want to order something.

• I’ll rip your arm for a chicken leg U.E.O.N.O it.

• I’m on a diet? Somebody lied; I got a whopper in the car.

• I wash my mouth with mayo, U.E.O.N.O it.

• Rick Ross leaves food under his breast to keep them warm.

• Rick Ross haven’t seen his d*ck in 10 years.

• Getting between Rick Ross and his food is suicide.

• I ain't done eatin' till I'm constipated – Rick Ross

• Rick Ross has his own gravitational pull.

• Rick Ross is so fat that even Dora can’t explore him.

• Rick Ross so fat when jump he get stuck in the air.


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