RondoNumbaNine-Hang Wit Me Lyrics

(Verse 1 – RondoNumbaNine)

I’m smoking on a tooka pack
Yea, I’m high as sh*t
Got the f*cking 50 and the mac,
I will wet you quick
Blood D, he a swiss cheese if you ain’t rocking wit it
Man I say free all the guys, they on some fufu sh*t
I don’t want a goofy wit me, so don’t hang wit me
Got the f*cking 30 on me, and it ain’t hard to see
You saw me on 060 with my f*cking team,
Tay 600,LA & Cdai up them f*cking things
Who the f*ck is Rico, he gets my dessert eagle
I heard he say BDK, I think he f*cks with JoJo
I don’t f*ck with the fu gang , these n*ggas fu gay
Getting rob for they f*cking chain, these N*ggas f*cking lame
Call up my n*gga Fat Boy Chubbz, he up on everything
These rappers, they really rappers, I am just a savage
I do this, cuz I do this, cuz I want to
J Money, he gonna let it spray, and I just warned you
Ride around on Tooka day with like one or two,
catch a n*gga saying Tooka gang then we gonna murder you
You n*ggas say they heard of me, but I ain’t heard of you
Get the f*ck of my f*cking face before I act a fool
A thousand for a feature, you can call my phone
Whole time I went up, cause I dropped a couple of songs
Opp n*ggas say thothiana , we say eat eat
We don’t want no f*cking sex, tell that b*tch to eat eat
N*ggas getting their ass smoked, and they steady rapping
N*gga if we were getting smoked, I would be b slide
Turn you f*cking goofy down, yall hanging with some goofy clowns
Edai got that 100 round, that b*tch make a loud sound
I don’t f*ck with a opp b*tch, shoot her and her set
If she sayin opp sh*t, then I’mma answer quick
T Roy, that’s T Roy, that’s bro god
Put me and T Roy on a drill, we gon' go hard
Shoot his ass in his f*cking face, we pulled his whole card
I’m cooling on double L with nick bizzy
Got the f*cking 50 and the mac we'll look easy
F*ck you from out west? saying oh my beezy
B*tch I’m from down south, we make it look easy
Gone off a f*cking flat, drinking on this sizi
Swirl, yea he got the tech, smoking hella tree tree

(Outro – RondoNumbaNine)

All my n*ggas, yea they hang wit me
All the 600s hang wit me
Them double Rs hang wit me
Them O’Blocks hang wit me
I say them 300s hang wit me
Fuck with OTF and GBE
N*gga hang wit me,
Them Coke Boys hang wit me
The squad wit
The gang wit
My n*ggas hang wit me, we GDK in these streets

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