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S. Dot S. Dot (also known as Dotarachi) is a drill rapper from Chicago and the founder of the rap group 485 (District Hustlaz Entertainment), which contains rappers such as Duke Da Beast, Prince Dre, Qwap600, and Prince Snoop. S. Dot has numerous videos on youtube and often receives high praises from critics. Some of his most popular songs include ‘Six Double O’, ‘600 Boi’, and ‘Trust’ among others. S. Dot is also a member of the 600 Black Disciples gang in the South Side of Chicago.

Though S. Dot himself is a BD, one of his group’s members, Duke Da Beast is a Gangster Disciple from Tay City, and that has often raised questions from viewers. Another reason people often question how they came to be in the same group is because Duke Da Beast has done songs with GD rival gang members of the 600 BDs such as ‘Runnin Thru A Check’ with FBG Duck, whom is a GD from St Lawrence that is currently beefing with numerous BDs from S. Dot’s set. The reason Duke Da Beast is in the same group with S. Dot is because they are cousins.

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