Sasha Go Hard

Sasha Go Hard was born in 1992. She is a rapper from Chicago’s south side and part of the drill rap style that’s been on the rise in Chicago. She started rapping around the age of 11, and has released a couple of mixtapes to date.

Personal Life

Sasha Go Hard was born in Chicago in the violent area known as the “Low End”. She has 4 siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.She's also the big cousin of "JoJoWorld Starlett". Though her father played a role in her life, she lived with her mother. Growing up, her parents were very protective of her; she wasn’t allowed to go hang outside due to the danger plaguing her area. Sasha’s take on the whole rap scene being blame for the violence plaguing Chicago is that the violence was there long before this type of music started.

Music Career

Sasha Go Hard started rapping at the age of 11, she used to rap about simple items such as colors. As she grew, so did her rhymes. When she saw fellow Chicago rapper ‘Chief Keef’ posting his songs on facebook, she contacted him to find out where she could record some of her songs. Chief Keef introduced her to DJ Kenn, and she soon started recording. While on the studio with DJ Kenn, everyone around complimented her on how hard she was going including SD, and Fredo Santana.

Sasha Go Hard lists Lil Kim, Trina, and Nicky Minaj as her musical influences. She also claim that she wants to leave her audience feeling the way Lauryn Hill does with her songs, to not only hear but also feel her words.

Sasha Go Hard’s music is often classified as ‘drill’ music. She describes drill music as “music that will get people crunk. You know, like everybody is in the mood to act the fool. Drill music is catchy and it's hood like street music. That’s what that is. The term drill is the 2012 version of fighting. You gonna do something to somebody else. Like Katie Got Bandz’ song, “We riding around and we drillin’.” Or just, ‘We’ll drill they *ss.’

Sasha’s first mixtape was titled ‘Glory Girl’ which was a nickname given to her by DJ Kenn and the ‘Glory Boyz’ group members. After the mixtape was released, she got into an altercation with DJ Kenn, and they soon stopped talking. She later changed her name from Glory Girl to Sasha Go Hard. After the altercation, she couldn’t find anyone willing to record with her unless she had sex with them. A little way down the road, fellow Chicago female rapper ‘Chella H’ introduced her to ‘Stack or Starve’ and she recorded her second mixtape titled “Do You Know Who I Am?”


Sasha has a total of 25 tatoos on her body. Her favorite out of all her tattoos is an “L” surrounded by music symbols, which she got it as an expression for her love of music. She has a seahorse on her hand, which she decided to get due to her fascination for seahorses. She has a Scorpio zodiac sign, a scorpion on her arm, a couple of cheetah prints, a cross, a cupcake in bowl with some flowers, her mother’s name on her stomach. She also has a tattoo of her first mixtape ‘Glory Girl’.

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